Classroom Expectations
Room 218 Expectations

In the classroom we will follow several positive behavior policies.  Our first policy is a program called Class Dojo.  It is a positive and negative point system.  Your child will receive positive points for good behavior and negative points if rules are broken.  Parents can access this program online and check your child's progress throughout the day.  Class Dojo is also a fantastic for parent/teacher communication.  

The second policy we will use is a whole class inventive.  We will have a "Warm Fuzzy" jar in the classroom.  Every time the class gets a compliment in the hallway, does well in specials, or has an outstanding day, a warm fuzzy will be added to the jar.  We will make a class goal of how many warm fuzzies we think we can earn.  Once we've met our goal, the class will vote on a prize.  Once the goal as been met, we will start our warm fuzzy count over again. 
School Wide Expectations:
Students are to follow the PAWS expectations each day around school (i.e. hallways, cafeteria, bathroom, playground).  PAWS stands for: Practice responsibility, Act kind and respectful , Work hard, Stay safe.  If a student is caught following the PAWS expectations, they will be given a "tiger ticket".  Tiger tickets are placed in a box in the office.  Students get a piece of candy when they turn the ticket in.  On Friday's the names of the students who earn tiger tickets that week are called.  These students get to go to the office for another small prize.  Students who earn tiger tickets are also able to attend the PBIS celebration held in December and May.