5th Grade Supply List

Fifth Grade Supply List 2017-18

for Tommy’s Road Elementary

A 1 ½” or 1” three ring notebook.  No zippered notebooks—too large for desks.

4 packages of loose-leaf paper

1 zippered pencil pouch (No pencil boxes, please).

2 packages of #2 pencils  (Best quality pencil you can find-Ticonderoga sharpens well)

Small pencil sharpener with screw on lid

1 pkg. Colored pencils (12 or 24 count)

2 highlighter markers 

 Earbuds for independent Ipad Instruction

 1 box Kleenex

 6 single subject notebooks (wired, spiral bound)  (math will require at least 2 of these)

Wish List:  1 box Clorox Wipes
                Rolls of Paper Towels
                1 Expo Dry Erase Marker

  *This supply list is for the 2017-18

Last Modified on July 13, 2017