Classroom Expectations


Classroom’s Rules-It’s All About Respect

1.       Respect yourself and your parents (pay attention to instruction, stay on task, do your best to get the most out of your education)

2.       Respect the teacher and other adults in the school setting (follow directions immediately, do not talk back in a disrespectful way, give the teacher your undivided attention when she talks)

3.       Respect the classmates (do not be disruptive during instruction, do not argue, do not tattle tell, do not call names or talk negatively about classmates)

4.       Respect the classroom (do not talk without permission, do not walk in the classroom without permission, keep the classroom, your desk and your area clean, do not talk across the room)

5.       Respect the school (keep the hallways quiet, keep the bathroom clean and orderly, keep the rules in the Cafeteria, keep the equipment on the playground in good condition).



I use a combination of Class Dojo and Daily Folder to keep you informed on your child’s behavior at school.

1st time offense (break any rule) -student gets a verbal warning;

2nd time offense – student is asked to get in timeout/reflection time for about 8 minutes;

3rd time offense- student will be asked to sit at another desk (refocus area)… student will earn a negative point in ClassDojo and parent will be notified in writing (I will need the parent’s signature).

When a student is sent to the refocus area he or she loses 15 minutes of Preferred Activity Time (movie, video games, educational games, playing with manipulatives, drawing and music) on Friday.  If it happens twice in the same week student will not participate in Preferred Activity Time.

Other Rewards

Social-verbal praise, high five

Tangible-candy on Friday, treasure box

Privilege-Computer time, Drawing Time.

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