Curriculum Overview and Resources

What will your student be learning this year? Below you will find a list of objectives that we will focus on this year.


Reading & Language Arts – A major focus of first grade is reading. It is very important that you not only read with your child, but also that you discuss what you are reading and encourage them to think deeper about what they have read.

                Reading Literature

                Reading Foundational Skills


                Reading Informational


Students will be assessed in reading at the beginning, middle, and end of the year. They will need to be able to read, orally retell what they have read, and write about what they have read. You will receive progress reports after each benchmark test, explaining your student’s strengths and areas for improvement.


Math – Math focuses on word problems, as well as representing numbers and data in a variety of ways.

                Operations and Algebraic Thinking

                Number and Operations in Base Ten

                Measurement and Data


Students will be assessed in math at the middle and end of the year. You will be able to track student progress with math tests that will come home as we complete objectives.


For a complete listing of reading and math standards, you may visit :



Social Studies – Social Studies focuses on developing students who are aware of the world around them.


Geography and Environmental Literacy

Economic and Financial Literacy

Civics and Government



A more in depth look at these standards can be found at:


Science – Science focuses on students learning through investigation.

                Forces and Motion

                Earth in the Universe

                Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes


                Molecular Biology


A more in depth look at these standards can be found at:





Last Modified on August 16, 2014