Kindergarten Technology Standards

North Carolina Essential Standards

Kindergarten, Information and Technology Essential Standards


Standards and Clarifying Objectives are in the format:

AA.B         AA = Two-digit alphabetic code for K-12 Essential Standard

AA.B.C      B = Grade Level (HS = 9-12)

               C = Objective Number

SI: Sources of Information

IN: Informational Text

TT: Technology as a Tool

RP: Research Process

SE: Safety and Ethical Issues

Sources of Information

K.SI.1  Classify useful sources of information
K.SI.1.1  Identify sources of information (e.g. print, non-print, electronic, people)
Assessment: Match the name of a resource with its picture
Assessment: After viewing one of three pre-selected websites, video clips or other electronic resources, find at least one fact to share
K.SI.1.2  Identify the relevant sources of information for a given task
Assessment: From groups of 2-3 items, select the useful sources of information for a given topic

Vocabulary:  print, non-print, electronic, information

Informational Text

K.IN.1  Understand the difference between text read for enjoyment and text read for information
K.IN.1.1  Understand the meaning of fiction and nonfiction
Assessment: After hearing sample text read aloud, classify the text as fiction or nonfiction
K.IN.1.2  Identify resources with appropriate factual information
Assessment: Given two resources, select the resource with facts on a given topic

Vocabulary: fiction, nonfiction


Technology as a Tool

K.TT.1  Use technology tools and skills to reinforce classroom concepts and activities
K.TT.1.1  Use a variety of technology tools to gather data and information (e.g. web-based resources, e-books, online communication tools, etc.)
Assessment:  Explain how Destiny is used to search for books and information
Assessment:  As a class, use websites from resources such as NC WISE Owl to research questions about a topic from classroom lessons
K.TT.1.2  Use a variety of technology tools to organize data and information (e.g. word processor, graphic organizer, audio and visual recording, online collaboration tools, etc.)
Assessment: Contribute facts to a class collection of data recorded into a beginning word processing document, graphic organizer, or spreadsheet program
Assessment:  Use Kidspiration 3 to create an organizational map of the information from in the research from K.TT.1.1
K.TT.1.3  Use technology tools to present data and information (multimedia, audio and visual recording, online collaboration tools, etc.)
Assessment:  Contribute facts to a class collection of data recorded into a word processing document, a graphic organizer and a spreadsheet/chart

computer, monitor, icon, cursor, desktop, keyboard, mouse, CD, DVD, printer, digital camera, AUP, program/software, word processing, text, arrow keys, backspace, delete, shift, space bar, enter, close, open, print, save,  click, double click, file, open, save, online, Internet, links, web sites, favorites/ bookmarks, information, multimedia, sound, text, movie, image, spreadsheet, graph, collect, group


Research Process

K.RP.1  Understand the importance of good questions in conducting research
K.RP.1.1  Identify questions that are relevant for a given topic or purpose
Assessment:  Students will answer questions designed to develop the thinking process
Assessment:  Use the Super 3 model to assess and evaluate student products

Vocabulary: research

Safety and Ethical Issues

K.SE.1  Remember safety and ethical issues related to the responsible use of information and technology resources
K.SE.1.1  Identify examples of responsible use and care of technology hardware and software.
Assessment:  Students will complete a smiley face rubric with questions about responsible use of technology
K.SE.1.2  Remember Internet safety rules
Assessment: Students will answer 3-5 questions about online safety
K.SE.1.3  Recognize the importance of respect for the work of others
Assessment:  After gathering information on a topic and producing a product students will give credit by citing information sources
Vocabulary:  safety, ethical, responsible, hardware, software, online safety, ownership
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